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"Oh, Me riggin's slack, Me ratlines are frayed, I've rattled me riggin' down Ratcliffe Highway"


Griff is a cagey old Codger, but since there's no old seaman's home in Frisco anymore, we figured we better give him one.
Seriously, Griff is one helluva musician. I'm still discovering instruments I didn't know he played. It runs in his family. He grew up playing Bluegrass and Country. He swears his big brother  is even better. And his Pa used to record them on professional equipment for fun. He's always pulling something outta his hat to amaze us.
Griff is the machinery that makes the group work.


Sure, he's probably sick of hearing it, but Jon's a genius. Sometimes I think we're just slowing him down. Not only can he pull apart other people's arrangements form well mixed albums, but he invents brilliant ones for us as well. Of course none of it sounds as perfect as it did in his head, but that's usually our fault. 
Jon has also written and directed his own original play: "Jack the Giant Killer" as well as composed and arranged at least three of the songs for the play. Then there's the fight choreography. Did I mention the sword choreography for Bryan's play? 
So Jon's never played a musical instrument, then he picks up one of Griff's concertinas and says "Oh, I get how this works!" and is figuring out songs the same day, Three months later he's laying down tracks with it as we record, and there are some songs we won't perform if he and his squeezebox aren't there. 
Probably the most elligable bachelor in the group ladies, but don't tell the lead singer that or he gets all mopey.


Bryan has moved on to other things, but it would be wrong not to mention him here at all. He's a great guy, and I would argue THE founding member of the group. Below is the bio that ran next to his picture when he played in the band.  (A short list of just a few of his achievements)    Rock Onnnnn.
Bryan is a man who likes to keep thigs simple. A man of few words who picked up the guitar so it could do the talking for him. Which is good 'cause it doesn't get him in as much trouble. Probably the chief instigator of this enterprise, and definitely the glue which binds it together.
If I may take a moment to toot his horn, Bryan wrote and directed a production of "The True History of Anne Bonny and Mary Reade" with Storytelling, Traditional as well as Original music and best of all- Swordplay!


Someone took this of Walt at the 2003  Mystic Sea Music Festival.
He says he likes the rigging and the historical context of being between the rendering stacks on the C.W.Morgan.
I think he just likes those sailor outfits.


"Oh, Me riggin's slack, Me ratlines are frayed, I've rattled me riggin' down Ratcliffe Highway"